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Denise J Charles is a qualified educator, counselor and trainer who holds a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on applied Psychology. She is also a published author, blogger, relationship and life coach, motivational speaker, international columnist and performance poet. She jokingly describes herself as the quintessential renaissance woman who doesn’t quite know what she wants to be when she grows up. Most importantly, she is a wife and mother of three sons.

Denise is Co-founder and Director of Better Blends Relationship Institute, (betterblends.webs.com) a counseling and training entity, as well as an on-line forum which focuses on empowering relationships. She and her husband Gabriel continue to work extensively with couples and singles on the issues of sexuality, relationships, marriage, family enrichment and personal development through counseling, seminars, workshops, taught courses and media events.

Denise serves as a regular writer for Hitched Magazine (hitchedmag.com) and has also been published in Shabeau and Fresh Vancouver magazines. She has also appeared several times on Rogers TV, Toronto on their late night talk-show Sex @ 11 With Rebecca now called Sex @ 10. Her popular blogs on relationships and personal development can be found respectively at redredapples.wordpress.com and betterblendscoaching.wordpress.com

As a life and motivational coach, Denise’s focus is on empowering individuals to find their purpose and fulfill their potential as they live more wholesome, integrated lives. She is the author of two life changing books: “Your Baby is Coming Now Push!” and “How To Have Mind Blowing Sex Without Losing Your Brain!”

“Say Yes!” is her most recent focus for helping all individuals connect with a BETTER life.