Quotes to Live By: The True “Selfie”


The True “Selfie”

“When we refuse to allow victimization, abuse and disrespect, we send a strong message about the value of self. Finding the right balance between giving of the self, establishing healthy boundaries and preserving our own uniqueness remains one of life’s greater challenges in the age of the selfie.”

© Denise J Charles 2016


Quotes to Live By: Worry Free


“Shedding the belief that life is somehow conspiring to make us unhappy and learning to release the small things from our ambit of worry, can be a tremendously liberating experience.”

Denise J

© 2016

Quotes to live by: Break Limitations


“Disengage from limiting societal expectations, self-doubt and the negative pronouncements of others. Create and dance to your own music and the music of the Master.”

Denise J

© 2016